Conswole Console Style Mini-ITX PC Case for 3-slot GPUs
ConswoleConsole Style Mini-ITX PC Case for 3-slot GPUs
  • Supports Mini-ITX motherboards
  • Front panel with USB 3.1 Type C (SS+ 10 Gbit/s), USB 3.0 Type A, and Dual Audio Jacks
  • Compatible with air coolers up to 75mm tall
  • Supports 3-slot GPUs up to 325mm long x 155mm tall
  • Support SFX and SFX-L form factor power supplies
  • Mounts two 120mm fans for high performance cooling
  • Designed and manufactured in the USA by Sliger

Chassis Electrical Parts

FPIO with USB C Header
Single 19-Pin USB FPIO
16mm Power Button

Power Supply Cables & Kits

12" Power Cord
Both PCord Covers

Case Exterior

Alum Panel w/ Cutout
Alum Panel, No Cutout
Black Panel w/ Cutout
Black Panel, No Cutout
Chassis Top Cover
Vertical Base w/ Feet

Case Internals

Hardware Kit

Technical Specifications

  • Mini-ITX (170mm × 170 mm)
  • Not compatible with Mini-DTX boards such as the ASUS ROG Crosshair VIII Impact AM4
CPU Liquid Coolers
  • AIO liquid coolers are not supported in Conswole.
CPU Air Coolers
Fan Mounting
  • Note that fans are positioned via standoffs and long M3 screws. Standard fan screws are not required.
  • with 3-slot wide GPU
  • Two 120mm x 15mm slim fans behind GPU as exhaust
  • 2x Noctua NF-A12x15 are recommended
  • with 2-slot wide GPU (riser moved to middle slot)
  • Two 120mm x 25mm fans behind GPU as exhaust
PCIe Riser
  • Conswole currently ships with a PCIe 3.0 riser.
  • Conswole does not currently support PCIe 4.0 risers.
  • Conswole does not support PCIe bifurcation risers.
GPU / PCIe Cards
  • Community Generated GPU Compatibility Lists
  • NVIDIA GTX/RTX GPU Compatibility Spreadsheet [Google Docs]
  • AMD Radeon GPU Compatibility Spreadsheet [Google Docs]
  • Riser in 3-slot position: one three(3) slot wide card
  • Maximum card width: 3 slot, up to 63mm [measured from backside of PCB, excludes backplate]
  • Riser in middle position: one two(2) slot wide card
  • Maximum card width: 2 slot, up to 40mm [measured from backside of PCB, excludes backplate]
  • Tip: if your 2-slot wide card is wider than its 2-slot bracket, it will not fit in middle position.
  • with Standard Inlet
  • Maximum card height: 133mm
  • Maximum card length: 324mm (up to 335mm is possible, but difficult to position)
  • with Pigtail Inlet
  • Maximum card height: 157mm
  • Maximum card length: 324mm (up to 335mm is possible, but difficult to position)
  • 157mm of height for GPU + GPU power connectors regardless of Standard or Pigtail
  • Two 2.5" SSD or HDD next to power supply
  • Motherboard M.2 SSDs are encouraged
Power Supply
  • SFX
  • SFX-L is supported, but not recommended.
Front Panel I/O
  • One USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type C to USB E header (SS+ 10 Gbit/s)
  • One USB 3.0 Type A to 20-Pin Motherboard Header
  • Two Audio Jacks to standard 9-Pin HD AUDIO header
  • Chassis
  • SECC ASTM-A-653 G30 Zero Spangle 20 Gauge Galvanized Steel with Powder Coat Finish
  • Front Panel
  • ASTM B209-10 5052-H32 0.063" Aluminum Sheet, Clear Anodized
  • Feet
  • Cavity Molded 75 Durometer Nonmarking Black SBR
  • Fine texture black powder coated chassis
  • Grained and clear anodized front panel
  • Optional custom powder coat finishes and anodize colors available, MOQ 25 units
  • Case is unbranded on interior and exterior of chassis.
  • Optional logo screen printing (full color) on front panel for business customers, MOQ 5 units
Case Dimensions (LxWxH)
  • 13.50" x 13.62" x 3.63" - WxDxH
  • 343mm x 346mm x 92mm - LxWxH
  • 10.9 Liters
  • Volume includes all protruding flanges
  • Base Chassis (includes corver, PSU bracket, fan grill, power cord, riser, and front panel board)
  • 6.90lbs
  • Handle
  • 0.45lbs
  • Base Plate
  • 1.60lbs
  • Fans
  • 0.90lbs per set [0.45lbs each]
  • Packaging Material
  • 8.50lbs
  • Case
  • 5 Year Warranty [Chassis, USB cables, Power Button, Power Cable, PCIe Riser]
  • Liquid Coolers & Fans
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Please see our warranty policy for additional conditions, exclusions, and limitations.
  • HTS Tariff Code
  • 8473.30.00.02
  • Country of Origin
  • United States of America
  • Environmental Compliances
  • RoHS/RoHS2/RoHS3 (2021)
  • REACH 211 SVHC (2021)
  • US EPA TSCA Section 6
  • Fair Trade
  • Trade Agreement Act (TAA) (19 U.S.C. & 2501-2581)
Rev Control
  • CL530-A (3/16/20 - X/X/XX)
  • Initial Release