WM-5818 Wallmount Cabinet Chassis
WM-5818Wallmount Cabinet Chassis
  • Rugged cabinet door wallmount chassis
  • Direct into-wall or bottom-out under filter cable routing locations
  • (4x) Expansion Slots
  • (1x) 120MM fan with top-out air flow, industrial grade air-filter
  • (3x) 3.5" drive holsters with vibration isolation grommets
  • Optional additional (3x) 3.5" mounts for (6x) 3.5" drive total
  • (1x) Internal USB 2.0
  • (1x) Power/reset switch and external power status green LED
  • Supports Mini-ITX, FlexATX, and MicroATX motherboards
  • Accommodates (1x) ATX Form Factor Power Supply
  • Reticulated Polurethane Air Filter, optional Aluminum Mesh Air Filter
  • Manufactured in the USA, full and semi-customization available

Key Features

Removable Integration Tray

Makes installation, upgrades and maintainance easier

The WM-5818's removable motherboard tray allows cable routing and component integration to occur with minimal interference from chassis walls and flanges allowing faster installation of motherboards, cables, components, power supplies and subsystems. The tray installs with 2 screws on the top front for secure clamping and added rigidity.

Reusable Air Filter with Cable Bypass

Keeps dust out but lets your cables in

Top-out ventilation with an industrial grade air filter allows the WM-5818 to run in high dust environments where airborne particles could pose a risk to internal electronic components. Air filter maintenance is performed simply by unlocking the cover then unscrewing two thumbscrews.

Additionally the rear of the filter features a foam bar matching up to a perforated steel flange allowing cables to be routed in and out of the chassis, perforations allow for zip-tying of cables for secure connection.

Technical Specifications

  • Motherboard/Power Supply/HDD tray that hinges into place inside chassis for easy maintenance and integration.
  • Secure wallmounting base chassis with hinged locking door.
  • Secure I/O with rear access hole for direct through-wall cable routing.
  • Zip-tie bracket for cable routing and cable tug-resistance.
  • Industrial grade air-filter with removable tray for washing filter.
  • Top-out exhaust cooling configuration for added dust resistance and superior thermal performance.
  • MicroATX
PCI/PCIe Card Slots
  • 4x Full Height Full Length Card Slots
Drive Bays
  • (3x) 3.5" HDD mounting bracket with vibration-isolation grommets
  • Optional additional (3x) 3.5" HDD mounting bracket
External I/O
  • (1x) Power LED
Internal I/O
  • (1x) USB 2.0 Ports
  • (2x) COM Port Knock-outs
  • (1x) Power/Reset Rocker Switch
  • Top-out exhaust cooling configuration for added dust resistance
  • (1x) 120mm ball-bearing fan with 80 CFM airflow at 38 dB/A
  • (1x) 30 PPI Reticulated Polurethane Air Filter
  • Filter can be removed from chassis and cleaned with water, or cleaned in place with vaccum or compressed air
  • Optional Aluminum Mesh Air Filter
  • Please discuss higher PPI grade filters with our engineering team
Power supply
  • Standard ATX PS/2 or PS/3 Power Supply (Not Included)
  • SECC — Steel, Electrogalvanized, Cold rolled, Coil, 16 and 18 Gauge
  • Black powdercoat door, unfinished steel chassis.
  • Optional red, grey, beige, white or custom order color.
Front Panel
  • Hinged steel door with keyed turn lock
Dimensions (HxWxD)
  • 20.5" x 15.6" x 7.1"
  • 520.7mm x 396.2mm x 180.34mm
  • 29.00 lbs
  • 13.15 kg
  • FCC Class A Compliant
  • IP30 / NEMA 1
  • EN 62262 - IK08
  • 32°F to 158°F
  • 0ºC - 70ºC
  • 0% to 90% non-condensing
  • Up to 12,000 feet
  • Tested low pressure to 0.6347P

Documentation & Drivers



Description Ordering SKU
  • Wallmount Cabinet Door Case with air filter and removable PC tray
  • 4x expansion slot, 1x 120mm fan, 1x USB, supports ATX, MicroATX, FlexATX, Mini-ITX
  • WM-5818-C
  • Wallmount Cabinet Door Case with aluminum filter and removable PC tray
  • 4x expansion slot, 1x 120mm fan, 1x USB, supports ATX, MicroATX, FlexATX, Mini-ITX
  • WM-5818-D
  • Extra 3x 3.5" HDD mounting expansion bracket
  • WM5812-D-060