Capabilities Engineering

Design & Engineering For Cases, Chassis, and Enclosures

Case Around Your Components »

Complete case design, based around your components

A total system design where we use either your speciality manufacture components, or commercially available standard form factor components, to create the speciality chassis to your needs with a minimal enigneering budget and per chassis costs.

  • Send us 2D, 3D or physical parts - we'll model them and design the case around them.
  • Preferred method for designs with custom PCB assemblies.
Modify a Sliger Product »

Take one of our products and modify the case to your requirements

Our modified method takes an existing product from Sliger and allows our clients to modify the case or add branding adjustments at minimal to no additional cost.

  • Already designed around our tooling and quick turn capabilities
  • Full revamps or minimal changes, all to your requirements
Modified Commercial / OEM Clone »

Take an existing commercial product and recreate to fit your requirements

Our modified commercial is a reverse engineering program to either create subparts for commercial cases, such as bezels or ruggedization, or for recreation of similar or identical cases from other OEMs that do not support extended lifecycles on their cases.

  • Remove that other companies logo from your product, and keep your warranty
  • Add internal brackets or mounting for additional components
Submit Your Design »

Send us 2D CAD or 3D CAD files and get a quote for production

We accept a wide range of formats and drawings across a few software packages, please give us a call and one of our project engineers will give you their email or FTP access to upload files.

  • .PDF or .DWG for 2D, or .STP, .x_t, .x_b, or .IGES for 3D files
Contact one our project engineers at 1 (775) 356-5595 or for any questions or quotes!