Capabilities Finishing and Branding

FinishingPart and Assembly Cosmetic Enhancing Services

Powder Coat »

Full in house application and curing processes

Sliger has one manual booth and a high capacity dual station automated powder coating booth. We stock a large number of standard colors and powder types ranging from glossy to textured, indoor and outdoor finishes.

  • Extensive range of durabilities ranging from indoor cosmetic to outdoor rugged
  • Full masking and plugging included with all powder coating services
  • Limitless range of colors and textures
  • Environmentally friendly
Anodizing / Plating »

Subcontracted anodizing and plating services

Sliger is located across the street from our plating and anodizing partner, saving us shipping and handling costs. Plating and anodizing services cover a wide range of options and finishes.

  • Type II Anodizing
  • Type III Anodizing
  • R5 Bright Dip
  • Chromate Conversion
  • Bright Nickel
  • Zinc Plating
  • Stainless Passivation
  • Electroless Nickel
  • and more!
Screen Printing / Direct UV Printing »

Printing of logos, labels, designs and more

Sliger has full in house screen and direct digital UV printing capabilities for any color and design onto any material, plating finish, anodized finish, or powder coat material. Direct digital printing also allows negative embossed and raised prints, as well as lower costs than sticker, labels, or laser marking with no minimum orders.

  • Logo Printing
  • Model Numbers
  • Button Labeling
  • Warning Labels
  • UI Features
  • Decorative Designs
  • ADA compliant braile
Bead Blasting / Line Graining »

For "Brushed Aluminum" and "Shot Pean" finishes

Sliger has in house capabilities for bead blast finishing, line grained or "brushed aluminum" texturing, shake table deburring and texturing, and oscilatory finishes.

  • Hides manufacturing scratches, burrs, pits and other cosmetic defects
  • Combine with clear coat or anodizing for a sleek looking yet protective finish
Contact one our project engineers at 1 (775) 356-5595 or for any questions or quotes!