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General Devices - Rack Slide Installation

Rail Kit Image

Kit Parts

M4 pan head screws

M4 Pan Head - Attaches rear support to outer slide. Attaches inner slide to chassis.

M4 kep nut

M4 Kep Nut - Use with above M4 Pan Head for attaching rear support bracket

M4 long screw

M4 Long Screw - Use with Rack Post Dimples to attach front and rear brackets.

Rack Post Dimples

Rack Post Dimples - Pair with above M-4 Long Screws to secure front and rear extensions to the rack posts

Front Support Brackets

Front Support Brackets - Attaches rail slides to front rack post, Use with M-4 Long Screws and Rack Post Dimples (2x per kit)

Rear Support Brackets

Rear Supports - Attaches rack slides to rear post, Use with M-4 Long Screws and Rack Post Dimples

Rear Support Brackets

Rack Rail Slides - Use with front and rear supports (2x per kit)

Inner Member

Inner Rail Image
Inner Rail Image

REMOVE INNER MEMBER by depressing the release button, pictured at left, and sliding the inner membercompletely out of the slide assembly as puctured at top. This inner member must be removed from both slides before any installation work can be done.


Case Sides

ATTACH INNER MEMBER TO SIDES OF CASE Starting from the front most screw hole, attach the inner member to the side of your case using M4 PAN HEAD screws from the 2nd page of this guide.


Repeat this on both sides of the case. The number of M4 screws required will vary between CX models; 3 - 5 screws per side


Rail Kit Image

Now, with the inner member attached to the case, the parts you have left should look like the above. (Lengths of slides may differ based on the rail kit length you purchased.)


Rack with Dimples

Install the Rack Post Dimples as pictured, with screw pass-through holes centered in the rack post hole

NOTE: The Dimple may not be entirely flush against the rack.

Dimples need to be installed on both sides at the front and the back

Rail with Support Bracket

Hold 1x Front Support Bracket against the front prongs of the rail slide outer member, as shown on the left. Make sure the bracket is flush against both the outer member and the front prongs.

Then, hold the outside of the prong against the back of the rack post and install the first M-4 Long Screw. The prongs should be sandwiched between the rack post and Front Support Bracket.

Rail with Support Bracket
Rail with Support Bracket

Install the second screw. Make sure the outer member didn't slide during install. If so, loosen screws and readjust.
The rail assembly should be cantilevered by just these front screws.

Repeat for opposite side.

Next, we will install the rear supports!

Rail with Support Bracket


Position the rear support against the inside of the rack post behind the Rack Post Dimples.

Rail with Support Bracket

Install both M-4 Long Screws.
Rear extension should match image on left when completed.

Rail with Support Bracket

NOTE: the other end of the rear extension should sit on the outside of the rail outer member.

Hand tightening Kep Nut on rear support

Pinch the Rear Extension Bracket and rail outer member together. Feed 1x M-4 Pan Head screw through the obround hole and the hole in the outer member.
Screw can be fed from either the inside or outside.

On the opposite side, attach one of the included Kep Nuts. Hand tighten and repeat the previous step with the second hole on the outer member.

Hand tightening Kep Nut on rear support
Screws tightening with drill

Tighten both screws with screwdriver and repeat on the opposite side.

Once completed, the rear support bracket and rail outer member should look similar to the ones pictured(left, below).

Screws tightened
Completed rear support

Install Time

Side image of rack with rail

Once both rack slide assemblies are succesfully installed into your rack cabinet, it is time to slide your CX rack chassis into position.
Slide the inner part of the rail outer members forward until you hear a loud click and the inner part stops moving. The release button should be engaged as pictured above. When complete. the outer members should match the image below.

Side image of rack with rail with release shown
Side image of rack with rail with release shown

Insert the inner slides into the extended outer members. You will need to depress the security latches on the outer member as you do so. Push the chassis until you hear the security latches engage, pictured below.

Side image of rack with rail with release shown

NOTE: It may take more than one attempt to get the chassis to line up with both slides. The chassis should slide with some friction once properly installed in the slides.

Side image of rack with rail with chassis locked in

Once the inner slides are successfully centered and slid into the middle members, you will need to press down the security latches to finish sliding the chassis into your rack cabinet. The second set of security latches will disengage automatically as you slide the chassis all the way in.